Universal Trade Gallon Carry Tray (Case of 50)

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The McConkey CTR6630 Universal Trade Gallon Carry Tray allows growers to simplify
tray inventory by using one tray that fits with most manufacturers’ 2.5 quart trade
  • Use one tray to fit dozens of different printed retail programs from multiple suppliers. Cut inventory dollars, simplify planning.
  •  Made of toughened Phoenix polyolefin resin: get more seasons from every tray.
  • Large-hole punched open drainage compatible with watermats; promotes excellent drainage.
  • Sloped sides optimized for flat filling.
  • Stacking lugs prevent trays from sticking together in shipment and in return shipment from stores, promoting re-use.

    Fits pots from: McConkey, HC, East Jordan, Landmark, Ainong, Summit, and others.

     Item JMCCTR6630
    Legnth 18.9"
    Height 7"
    Pack Count 50
    Bulk 1,540
    Color Black

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