Customer Experiences

Throughout our 50 years serving the horticulture industry, legendary service has always been our #1 priority. This commitment to an outstanding customer experience is why so many leading growers have ordered their supplies from McConkey for decades. Here's what our customers say about ordering with us:



"Great quality at great value.

Very easy to do business with."

—Jeff White, Ranchito Olive Co
Products that I ordered well exceeded my expectations, much higher quality than I have received from other companies and for far less money."
—Brian Wilson, Heirlooms and Herbs
Their sales reps are by far the nicest, quick to get answers, and quick to get back to you. Overall their sales team is really great.”
—Dean Oostra, Van Wingerden Greenhouses
“In this business we’re always trying to work leaner and buy smarter. I actually went with another company to save a few pennies. The product they gave us didn’t fit, didn’t work in the machinery well, didn’t travel well. We never have these issues with McConkey. We never have issues with inferior product. In the end, you save money by not having to repot or on labor to get it to go through your machinery or figuring out what to do when it doesn’t hold up in your greenhouse. I’m back with McConkey and glad to be there!”
—Marlene Looney, Harts Nursery
“Competitive, their prices are good, always on time. We look at service as well as pricing—and the service has been great. Service, pricing, and they’re a good partner.”
—Sumit Verma, Rainbow Greenhouses
This is the best place to buy from!  I have already placed and received my second order!"
—Lisa Myers, Myers' Homegrown


Ladies and Gentlemen:  It has been a relief doing business with a company that cares!!! All of the products I have purchased so far are as represented. I live in Ohio and was pleased that I recieved my products in a timely matter.  Also, the rEarth pots were great!! Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with your fine company in the future!!”
—Ron Hoff, Plants N More LLC
Can't buy the pots I need at our local greenhouse supply, so I looked online. Glad I found McConkey! I like your fast shipping! Thank you!”
—Joyce, J&J Cactus & Succulents


"Thank you for the prompt and friendly service. We have dealt with several companies before we arrived at your website. The delivery time and condition of product were way beyond our expectations."
The biggest thing I like about McConkey is that they’re local and can react more quickly to my needs because they manufacture on the West Coast. They’re good for service to the Northwest."
—Deborah Burton, Iwasaki Bros., Inc
Awesome. Exactly what I needed at the best price around”
—Paul Sober, Botanic Planet
“I'm a small grower, and it's hard to find a company who will work with the small guy trying to make it in the big world. McConkey works with the little guys with great products, and this online ordering is the best thing ever, I can make a purchase 24/7 on my own time!”
—Willis Higdon, Higdon's Farm Fresh


"Nursery containers are always top of the line. Great company, great service."
—David Chimpky, The Enchanted Forest
Service, price, quality – you get to pick two most of the time, but they have a nice mix of all three. They work hard to get us what we want, whatever it is."
—Jim Nash, Henry's Plant Farm


“When I call, they are always courteous and helpful. Online shopping is easy and site is easy to navigate. Pots and trays sold have links to the compatible items that match each item. Would recommend buying from them.”
—Walter Slusarski, L&W Gifts and What Not
“Excellent products.  Great prices. Super service!”



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