Terms and Conditions


Catalog prices are F.O.B. your McConkey warehouse or F.O.B. the factory, unless otherwise stated.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Prices at time of shipment will prevail.  For a current quotation, please contact your McConkey sales representative or customer service representative.  All quotations are subject to change regardless of expiration date.



Payment terms are stated on your invoice and shall be paid within the terms unless otherwise specified in writing by McConkey Co.  Discounts may be offered on certain products in certain situations and will be specified on the invoice.  Any discounts if offered, are only available on invoices paid and received by McConkey Co within the specified terms.  Buyer is responsible for mail time.

Standard terms with prior approval of credit are Net 30 for grower supplies.  Greenhouse structures are normally 1/3 down, 1/3 on shipment, and 1/3 Net 30.  Equipment is normally 50% deposit and balance Net 30.  Overseas shipments are 100% due prior to shipping paid by wire transfer or Letter of Credit.  All other items including repairs or parts are Net 30 days with prior approval of credit.

A finance charge of 1 ½% per month, 18% annually, or the maximum rate allowable for your area ($2.00 minimum) will be added automatically to those accounts past due.    Finance charges are due and payable upon receipt.

Accounts may be placed on C.O.D. status until past due balances (including finance charges) are paid and a credit line is reestablished. 

In the event McConkey Co. employs an attorney and/or collection agency to collect any past due account, customers shall pay any and all reasonable attorney fees and/or other collections costs incurred.



Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are acceptable payments at time of purchase.  Credit card payments will not be allowed any additional discounts. Credit cards will not be accepted to pay off charges that have been incurred on an open account after an invoice has been generated.  Another optional method of payment is wire transfer.


Product will be invoiced on the date product is shipped from McConkey, when delivery information is received from a manufacturer shipping direct, or when products and/or parts are delivered to the carrier for shipment.  If the Purchaser requests a delay in shipment, McConkey Co., at its sole discretion, may elect to invoice on the date McConkey Co. was prepared to ship.  Statements are normally mailed monthly to accounts. Statements are reminders of open invoices and do not grant additional time to remit payments.  Missing invoices or problems should be directed to our Sumner location for copies and resolutions. 

All of these documents may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed.  Please contact the credit department at 1-800-426-8124 to request copies or to resolve issues.