Decorative Container Matchmaker

3 easy ways to choose a great pot for your program - McConkey’s design team shares their top strategies for increasing sales through smart container selection.


1. Color match



Bring out the subtle pinks of your flowers or the bright greens of your foliage by placing them in a colorful pot to match. McConkey can make your order in any color of the rainbow—minimums apply, contact your Sales Rep for details and pricing.






2. Get seasonal


Boost retail sales by matching your container choices to the season. For example, pastels and cooler earth tones work great for spring, bright colors for summer, browns and coppers for fall, and gold and silver for winter.





3. Differentiate premium



It’s tough to justify the higher price point for a premium basket if the basket itself looks just like the economy version. Seek out baskets with a higher soil volume, an upscale pattern, or a natural texture to help set your premium program apart.



Get on Trend

Take advantage of current garden center trends, which match perfectly with McConkey's decorative containers.



1. Succulents

Structural, attractive, and easy to care for, succulents are the hottest trend in home gardening. They don’t need much root space, so a small, shallow pot like our 10” Color Bowl is a great pick.






2. Fairy Gardens

Bring a little magic into your garden center with these trendy, whimsical miniature landscapes. The delicate flowers and foliage found in fairy gardens are popular among gardeners of all ages, and go perfectly with our Charlotte collection color bowls.






3. Edibles

Savvy cooks love having their herbs and greens close at hand. Give them a convenient portable garden by arranging edibles in our Deca Bowl or McCedar hanging basket. The higher soil volume of these premium pots will keep edibles healthy and tasty all season long.