rEarth 3.5" Tech Square Pot-JMCTS35P (Case of 1375)


This bestselling lightweight pot is a great value-priced option. Now available in rEarth water bottle plastic, these pots are 100% recycled and curbside-recyclable. 25 pots fit in a 17" flat. For a heavier-duty pot of the same size, try our JMCSR350.

Diameter (OD) 3.45" Square
Height 3.25"
Volume 1.01 pt/480 ml
Case Pack 1,375
Cases per Pallet 25
Colors Black, Green
Stock Status Stock

Compatible flats: JMCM17AB  JMCM17TB  JMCM17M-1B  JMCM17S-1B JMCCTS18350B



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